Deidra Green

Since having my first coaching call with Jamaya, I have completely upgraded the way I do business. That one call cost me $100 but I have gained over $2,500 to grow my business.  I thought I was doing ok but she really challenged me to do more and take things to the next level. She gave me detailed action items that I completed right away. After one call, I moved to bigger space and updated it to give it a more luxurious feel and I'm subleasing it on the days that I don't work so I get more space for the same money (Jamaya's brilliant idea).

I contacted all of my clients which directly resulted in booking 4 additional appointments from clients I hadn't seen in a while. I have started posting more frequently on social media and my IG and FB followers have grown as a result and I am getting more engagement.

In short, it was worth every penny and I have a new energy in my business which I can feel trickling down to my clients and into my bank account. 

Jamaya MooreComment