Q & A: Can I return makeup to the store?


Everyone has trouble finding their right shade especially in foundation. Hell, I was discouraged on a recent trip to ULTA. I gave up after trying on several concealer shades and formulas. I politely cleansed my face, moisturized with Tarte's Marajuca Oil (the BEST) and walked out the door with only a new brow pencil. 

I used to be the woman who spent hundreds of dollars in cosmetics to only use 2 products. Those other products sat untouched in my closet for months. 

Here's my God-Honest advice to anyone frazzled with shopping for makeup: try it, buy it, try it again at home, then return if it doesn't work. Simple huh. 

Don't be afraid to return makeup that isn't working. Most retailers have a 30 day return policy (with receipt). I suggest keeping the original packaging and receipt in a safe place until you've fallen in love with the product. You'll know after 1-2 wears if it's right for you! 





Jamaya MooreComment