How to Save Money on Your Makeup Kit or Supplies! Plus, Start Your Beauty Product Business for LOW!

Save COINS on your KIT + SUPPLIES! 

A few weeks ago you attended my Cost of Business webinar where I discussed ways to save money in your beauty business. Since then I decided to compile a list with close to 40 of my favorite product/wholesale vendors to help you save money. The list offers brush suppliers, industry trade shows, skin care wholesalers and more! 

I ordered new makeup brushes from one of my vendors and soon as I popped the package open, I instantly hit the Milly Rock! 

Look at my new babies! But here's the GAG...are you ready?! I only spent $63 on these brushes and sponges! $63 WHOLE DOLLARS including shipping! 

These brushes gave me so much life today! So I decided to offer my list at a 50% discount TODAY only!  Use coupon code LIST

The vendor list is perfect for: 

  • Artists looking to save money on products like brushes, lashes, disposables
  • New beauty pros looking to build their kits without braking the bank
  • Beautypreneurs who want to start their own product line (estheticians & makeup artist)
  • Beauty enthusiasts looking to learn more about industry trade shows
  • Low cost/high quality gift bag options for classes/events

I recently shared this list with members of my personal coaching program but decided to share the love. It's the holidays right!

Grab your list today and use coupon code LIST to save BIG! Don't say I didn't share!