How Often Should You Practice New Makeup Skills?

As a full-time makeup artist, I don't practice or play in makeup as often as you think. But that's about to change! I'm challenging myself to create at least 1 new look or practice a technique on a non-paying client or model each week. 

I decided to gift my graphic designer Crystal Powell a much deserved makeover. Crystal is the genius behind my brand revamp and website remodel. She put up with my crazy ideas and shenanigans for 3 months. This makeover is overdue!  

Crystal is a no-fuss girl who only wears lipstick on special occassions. Otherwise, she's bare-faced. I created fresh, glowy skin using Limelight by Alcone's Botanical Foundation in shade MB5, paired with a pink-lilac smoky eye and nude lip. 

I'm challenging you to touch a new face each week! Grab a co-worker, family member or friend and treat them to a makeover while you practice new techniques. Trust me, they'll love you!