Airbrush Makeup with Graftobian Glam-Aire


Let’s chat about airbrush makeup! Clients are intrigued with it while experienced MUA’s know we can mimic the same look with our hands. Airbrush is unique because small amounts of specially formulated makeup are blown onto the skin through a handheld gun mimicking small dots or pixels creating a seamless, next to skin look. There’s a variety of formulas including water and silicon-based, allowing users to create various skin finishes. It was interesting skill for me to learn because it forced me to merge my artistry with machinery. I’ve used formulas from @graftobianmakeup @temptu & OCC Makeup. I’ve never used MAC’s formula but I’ve heard good things. .

Are you airbrushing or considered it? Do you get requests for airbrush? What’s your experience? .

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Jamaya MooreComment