It's Not Just Makeup: It's Culture

The best part of being a makeup artist is not the makeup. It's the people. More specifically, learning about my clients. I'm a geek (I've said this many times). I'm extremely intrigued by learning about various cultures. I am an avid documentary watcher. I JUST love learning about people. 

Makeup has served as my conduit to learn about various cultures. It also helps me learn the proper etiquette when dealing with clients. It's good to acknowledge and show sensitivity to their values. 

Here are 2 things that I've learned about various cultures in the past 3 months:

Orthodox Jewish women must cover their hair once married. Only their husbands can see it. Therefore, many will wear a snood or scarf during normal daily tasks. Some even wear high quality wigs called "sheitels". These wigs are handmade with premium virgin (unprocessed) human hair. Sheitels can cost upwards of $5K depending on the quality. The women care for them like their own hair with regular cuts, color and styles.

Latin women LOVE makeup! They are beauty goddesses. I have a Venezuelan client who squealed with delight when she saw my makeup arsenal. Latinas celebrate their beauty regardless of age, lifestyle or status. She's secure of her role in her family and society. She embraces the "joys of being a woman". When you see her, she'll always look good from head to toe. She will capture you with her confidence and sass :) 

As an American, I'm always captivated by people who live by different values and don't compromise for society. It shows such confidence and conviction. Rock on!