How Dirty Is Your Makeup?

If a makeup artist opens his/her kit and you see the following...proceed with caution or RUN! 
  • Brown &/or discolored brushes
  • Using mascara and lip products directly from the tube (no disposable wands)
  • Powder spills inside bags containers
  • Dirty product containers/palettes/
  • No hand sanitizers/wipes/alcohol
  • Dirty sponges
Keep your makeup clean and fresh. Place a calendar entry in your phone to remind you when to replace items. Please observe the makeup artists that you hire. Their kit should be spotless and clean.  If you're with a large party, observe the makeup artist. Dirty brushes should be separated from clean ones and not re-used. Hands should be washed/wiped/ sanitized between clients. 

I'm such a germaphobe. I'm signing out so I can clean my kit!

To all my makeup wearing friends & artists, feel free to chime in with your suggestions :)