Google It

Lately I've been getting alot of texts and emails from other artists asking specific (makeup related) questions that can be answered relatively easily by simply taking the time to "Google It".

I am grateful to be a resource to them; but, sometimes you have to take the initiative and do the background info on you own. 

Over time I've had new experiences i.e. doing makeup for a cross dressing client, where I've used images from Google for inspiration and watched YouTube videos featuring drag queens applying makeup. My client wasn't into the drag look. He preferred to look like a real woman. During my research, I came away with some great tips for covering beards and five o'clock shadows.  

I recently did makeup for my deceased aunt and after googling and research, I called on another artist who has done several deceased persons. I kept seeing drastic opinions on which makeup formulas/brands to use. I knew what I wanted to do but I just needed confirmation that I was going in the right direction. She confirmed what I thought and gave me extra insight on what to expect. 

I'm not telling you to not reach out. Just do your homework first. Then call someone if you need more clarity. The conversation will morph into dialogue instead of a lecture/lesson. Trust me, YouTube, blogs, articles and books have everything you need. Just "Google It".