Freelance Notes: Don't Stress Over Perceived Missed Opprtunities

During the summer, I missed a day of shooting at the gun range with my friends to meet with an agency in New York. To say I felt excited would be an understatement. I was floating. My meeting was awesome! The energy was cosmic.

One of the owners asks me to stay in the city to assist with a job the following day. I had to decline because of 2 photo shoots back home. Needless to say, work back home flopped: model cancelled on one shoot and half the models were present for the other.

I sent an email (working on getting my personal thank you cards) to the agency following up on our meeting. All week long, I wondered to myself, ‘what would've happened if I stayed’? I ran this past Glen. He told me to stop dwelling on it. Everything is not meant to be. No more singing the “should of, would of, could of’s”

Weeks later, I get a call from the agency asking if I was available to assist with a new client project. Since then, I've gotten calls to work on a bi-weekly basis.

We can’t dwell over perceived missed opportunities. As long as you’re prepared, there will be tons of new opportunities that may change your life.

You have to have faith that everything you want will come to fruition. It may not happen when we want it; but, it will happen.

Let it go. Keep working and you’ll be surprised at what your future holds.