Freelance Notes: Look the Part, Play the Part


What is your best yet easiest method of promotion: YOU

look the part, play the part

Whenever I’m in the public eye, I am on. I never know who I will meet. No, I do not wear a full face everyday. I keep it simple with tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, bronzer. I keep my skin healthy, nails manicured and hair groomed. If I’m tired, I’ll throw on a pair of $5.80 shades from Forever21.

I wear what I like but I never try to hard. Its so apparent. I just go with my feelings. I am aware of trends; yet, I am not a slave to fashion.

This is where knowing yourself becomes important. No one can teach how to dress. Its an innate feeling. Shopping is an intimate experience for me. Getting dressed happens effortlessly.

look the part, play the part

Remember when hairstylists always needed to do their own hair, well those times are long gone. All my hairstylist friends are always on point with innovative hair, makeup and styling to die for.

We are the best representation of our work.

Strangers tend to ask if I do hair or makeup. I guess I have the look. 

look the part, play the part
You should have the look for your line of business. Play the part. If you are a beauty school student, start playing the part NOW. My assistant Courtney always has a flawless face of makeup. She represents my brand and hers with a pretty face, professionalism and personality.

Make your brand known by looking and playing the part. You’ll be surprised at who will notice.