Freelance Notes: Condense that Kit

I've revamped my kit too many times to count. I remember the frustration as a younger artist pulling so many items of my kit, that I became overwhelmed. Things have a way of working out of your life because that kit was stolen. Long story short, my car was broken into and my kit was in the trunk (wah, wah, wah)

In makeup school, I never learned the importance of having palettes in my kit. Palettes are less expensive, makes your kit lighter, more organized and easy to clean. My second kit was full of nothing but palettes.

It’ll make your life 10 times easier..guaranteed!

  • Depot all eye shadows, blushes, pressed powders, bronzers into palettes (if they are from MAC, you can recycle the plastic housing through the BAck to MAC program)
  • Z Palette just created a deep-dish palette (sounds like a pizza) that can fit your baked powders (MAC Mineralize)
  • Take all your lipsticks and depot them into a weekly pill box
  • Liquid Foundation bottles...tricky one....get mini travel bottles from Muji and label
  • Creme Foundations depot into a palette
  • Ziploc bags are your best friends. They can hold lip pencils, eyeliners, cream shadows, false lashes, etc.
  • In case of extreme emergency, Makeup For Ever Flash Palette can serve as a dupe for all the above makeup items: custom foundation, creme shadow, lipstick, blush, highlight, contour
  • Purchase products that can be used multi-taskers i.e cake liners, MAC cream color base, Makeup For Ever Uplight, NARS Illuminators, Urban Decay liners

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