Who Are You? Imitate,Then Innovate

I speak with a lot of young women and men that aspire to be makeup artists. I ask them about their influences, motivation and background. Sometimes I can already envision them working on set. While other times, I wonder if their real motivation is the perceived glitz & glam. 

If you have the passion and focus, everyone will see it. Determination & passion radiates. You have to be willing to find yourself and create your signature.

At the 2012 Commencement for the University of the Arts, writer Neil Gaiman said “Most of us only find our own voices after we've sounded like someone else.”  

True. We’re all clueless how these businesses work. After speaking with Crystal Wright, she told me how she modeled the Crystal Agency after industry veterans like Cloutier. She took the blueprint then customized processes to fit her business.

We imitate, then innovate.

Research: Google industry vets, study their work, study their influences. Read about the history of your craft. Dissect work that you love. Break down websites. Read books that help  expand your mind. I love reading O Mag. Every month, I read it from cover to cover. Question your beliefs. If you do all of this stuff, your brain cells should be popping like oil in a hot frying pan.

Sometimes its just a matter of slowing down and being patient. Think about what you are doing. Stop falling into the same old routine. Every client is different. The more work you do, the more skilled you become.

Make your own rules.

As we sit here, we find ourselves getting lost in the YouTube Bermuda Triangle. We land onto Lisa Eldridge's island by way of Lachlan Bailey. Lisa Eldridge proves to be our new makeup BFF4L.  She's simply marvelous darling!

Lisa Eldridge says if you master one area, then it becomes easier to do different kinds of work. This works because you have a built a strong reputation and people know your work. Stop whoring yourself out like a prostitute. Test, test, test and test some more. Build your portfolio. Stop selling yourself short by spreading yourself too thin. Focus on one thing. Embrace your future. Create a book that makes people drool.

Thanks for listening. I have work to do!

Drops mike...exits stage left...


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