Freelance Notes: Handling Bad Energy on Set

Today I worked on a photoshoot with a client who ‘tried’ to drain the life out of me.  I worked on a 4 hour shoot  that felt more like 10 hours. Nothing was good enough: the hair, makeup, wardrobe photographer! I went home exhausted. I did my job; but, geez why do I feel so bad.

Bad energy is contagious. Leave it at the door.

Some clients may have no sense of self. They want to be like everyone they see.

It doesn't matter how matter how many hair extensions, contours/highlights and designer outfits are worn. If your clients doesn't feel beautiful inside, all your compliments will fall upon deaf ears.

So many images of exotic, toned, tanned people flood our daily receptors. Some people can't discern and have no gauge for their own beauty. They sit in your chair and tear down themselves into shreds. Their negative energy tries to penetrate your core. Hours of self doubt and hatred linger in the air. Put up a shield!

You have to put up your personal shield and limit your energy from becoming immersed in the tragedy sitting in the chair. Layers of personal experiences have made this person the way they are. Manage your stress level and personal involvement by:

  • Keeping their opinions at bay
  • Take it light. Some people just don't know better. Its not your job to entertain them with a 15 minute dissertation about self esteem.
  • Remove your emotional self.
  • Remember this is a job.You are a providing a service. Do your job well.
  • Remember this person is not your friend or family. You are not obliged to spend the holidays with them.
  • Thinking happy thoughts: babies, puppies, ice cream (lol)

Find a feature that inspires you and FOCUS on perfecting it.

I began with contouring and highlighting my clients skin because I could not visualize the face shape that I wanted. Once I finished I moved onto the eye area. I wanted to elongate her eye with liner and lashes. I made that my focus and tuned out everything else, except the photographer.

Its so important not to let people take control of your energy when they are not personally invested. Its like polluting the environment. Take control of the situation by mentally removing yourself.