Lash Dip :: Eyelashes for Days

So yesterday I was reading my twitter feed (follow me on twitter @jamayamoore self-promotion plug )*hee hee* but I saw something called Lash Dip on someones timeline. They were mentioning training for the product in a few cities (NY, Vegas, Chicago). I'm a training/certification junkie and once my Google wheels start churning, I won't stop until I get some answers.

After a few minutes of snooping, I discovered that Lash Dip is a phenomenal new lash product which works as a semi-permanent mascara which enhances lashes and stays on for up to 6 weeks. Say who, say what...yep you heard me right 42 DAYS! It is a coating which en-capsules your lashes with a durable, deep black solution. According to the website, the formula is formaldehyde and aniline free.

I find it interesting that Lash Dip can be used in conjunction with eyelash extensions; which, is an awesome up-sell for any lash stylist. If you are a die hard lash fanatic,  I think Lash Dip may be for you.

Cost: $200-300