The Makeup Show NYC 2011

This past weekend, I trekked to NYC to join my industry comrades at The Makeup Show. I must say that this year, I really enjoyed just being in the ambiance and company of some talented and creative folks.

In my past life, I was a major shopaholic. I would literally O.D. at any makeup trade show, store or event. I've been much tighter with my wallet since I made the transition to full-time freelancer. I only bought the essential items that I've been lusting for.

I stayed up late Monday night, condensing my ENTIRE kit into the large Eve Pearl clear bag. Surprisingly, I have extra space in the bag :) I have a lot of products that are great multi-taskers so I need to free my mind and let go some of the other crap. I said farewell to all my MAC palettes and transferred all my eye shadows & blushes to my *new* Makeup Forever magnetic palettes. I am so proud of myself! I might have a sale for some of my products that I decided to take out my kit.

Here's what I bought:

8 Yaby eye shadows
Eve Pearl Clear Bag
4 Makeup Forever empty magnetic palettes
3 Cover FX concealers
OCC Airbrush Foundation (10 shades)

I didn't take any pictures this year. I was so in the zone getting my networking on. I felt more relaxed this year. I guess I was in deep thought, planning my next steps and letting all the inspiration flow through me. I really feel like this is the place where I belong in life. Makeup is has been a way for me to connect to my inner beliefs and channel it to others. It's such a fulfilling job and it's just begun!