30 Days to 100%

I just had a magnificent conference call with two of my industry besties, about Crystal Wright's workbook, 30 Days to 100%. To be honest, I've seen Crystal's name on programs for the Makeup Show's but I never sat in one of her seminars because
I didn't think her content would be beneficial to me because she wasn't physically talking about "makeup". I did not budget well enough to attend the hands-on trainings so I went to the shows to shop. I only sat down inside a seminar to catch my breath and think about which brand's booth I would go to next. I'm just being brutally honest.

That was quite stupid of me because she WAS speaking about makeup, fashion, styling not the physical acts but the business. She spoke on the motivation and drive that artist's need to succeed. We have to be our best everyday in order to achieve our goals. 50% will not cut it. We have to make plans and hold ourselves accountable. 

Crystal Wright is like a god-mother to many of artist's in the industry (new & old). Her advice is timeless and straight-up but backed with the love of someone who really cares about your success. I will say that I will attending her Packaging Your Portfolio Workshop in DC in August and I included it in my budget :)

Please check out her website for great products and inspirations to get you moving in the right direction.