Makeup Wish List

After busy season (spring, summer), I'm gonna treat myself to a few new goodies. My kit has come a long way and I'm blessed that it can play alongside some of the best makeup artists in terms of products and tools. I've invested heavily into transforming my kit into a high quality, functional, efficient, lean mean fighting machine (lol).
I keep a running list of makeup items that I want to add in my kit. Some are checked off sooner than others but in the end, I always get what I want :) I'm so spoiled but I work hard.
As a professional makeup artist, I see alot of products that are the same but may have different branding or packaging. In the end, the ingredients and function are the only things that matter to me. Will it work for my KIT? Will it work on this SHOOT? Will it work for this CLIENT? Names means nothing, function & results are everything. 
Now don't get me wrong, I love certain makeup brands & products BUT I will never have a kit solely comprised of 1 BRAND. Regardless if it was free or given as gratis, everything might not work for clients or the job.
You can't have a kit with products sitting around collecting dust. It's not practical or travel friendly. If it doesn't work for your kit, leave it at home on your vanity or gift it to a friend or client. People always love the gift of makeup. So with that said, lemme unveil some potential goodies that my kit has been lusting for:

Loreal Studio Secrets Facer PrimerSilicone based velvety face primer. A girl can never have too many primers :)
Advanced Beauty Tools100% animal-free beauty tools made of recyclable man-made materials. Brushes made of Nufibre mononfilaments for refined application and allergy protection. I love the concept & design. I can be eco-friendly, productive & stylish..what a great combo!
Zuca Bag for MAC ProSo I'm totally obessesed with making my kit travel friendly. Every 3-6 months, I revamp my kit. I've had traincases, rolling suitcases and backpacks. But I think I've found my dream case. Zuca is Cali based company who created rolling suitcases for kids with locker's worth of textbooks. Then snowboarders and skaters became attracted to the bags because it was roomy & you can use it as a seat
Now, ZUCA has an artist line bag which comes with vinyl, slide-out zippered compartments. Clear compartments are a must-have for any artist because its easy to keep everything organized and findable. I can't wait to get mine!