Iman Cosmetics

Sam Fine is one of my fav makeup artists! This morning I found some notes from his visit to DC in February. Now every time this man mentioned a product, I scribbled it down in my notebook. I purchased many of his recommendations and they are staples in my kit. Sam always mentions Iman Cosmetics but I never had the time or confidence to try them out until of late. 

Plus, Iman cosmetics are sold in drug stores but they never go on sale. Last week, Iman Cosmetics introduced their new Second to one Luxury Radiance Makeup to beauty bloggers and they spoke highly of the products. So today, I went on and low and behold, they are sold at Makari makeup boutique in Harlem & they offer a pro discount! Yea! 

Yes, I live in Baltimore but this is some real incentive to purchase some Iman products! I live for shopping in NYC (esp when I get pro discounts) and I can add this to my places to go. Here is my current list (in no particular order)
Makeup Forever Boutique
Now **Makari**
P.S. I didnt know Iman has a home line of fabrics through Calico Corners. She's quite the entreprenuer!