Temptu Airbrush Training, NYC

I have been itching to take an airbrush course eversince the arrival of HD.  I've been researching for months trying to decide whether to go with KettOCC or Temptu. With my recessionista mindset on full-throttle, I chose finallychose to go with Temptu. 

Temptu offeres an Intro Airbrush class at it's sleek NYC studios for a mere $150 that is redeemable in product.  Artists have the option of working with their existing airbrush equipment or purchasing a kit on site.  I fell into the latter group and purchased the Intro S/B Kit for $321.43 (incl NY 8.375% tax) after my $150 purchase credit was applied (woohoo!)
The course ran from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and was facilitated by mua Spring Super. Spring is an awesome mua whom I remembered from the Makeup Show becuase of her bold fuschia ringets.  She also owns Makeup Mentor, a service that assists with developing new mua's and is a certified makeup instructor. With a class of 11, Spring discussed the below topics:
Intro to Temptu: They started the business selling temporary tattos hence the name [Temp-Tu].  
Learning Our Equipment (Assembly/Disassembly): I was super scared that I was gonna bend my needle but it all worked out ;-) There are alot of small pieces that can get lost so you have to be super careful when disassembling your gun.
Airbrush Exercises: We practiced controlling the amount of air/ product/distance while shading circles, squares and doodling (sooo fun!) . Airbrushing is really robotic and I got a slight cramp in my finger and wrist from moving in the same rhythm.
Product Knowledge: Temptu makes 3 airbrush formulas: S/B (Silicone Based), Aqua (Water Based and Dura (Alcohol). S/B is best for beauty because it's long wearing (18 hrs!) it has a dewy finish but can be matted down with powder. Aqua is ultra matte and waterproof and is great for TV. Dura is great for body painting, FX and temporary tattoos.
Marketing Ourselves as Airbrush Artists: Airbrushing is very hygenic because no brushes ever touch the client's face which is great for those germaphobes. No double-dipping/ cross-contamination.  It's fast (literally, only 5 mins to apply foundation). Uses a tiny-bit of product.
Makeup Application: We observed Spring demo a complete application from concealer to eyebrows! We then paired up and practiced on each other.
Wait a min..Lemme tell yall how this woman didn't wanna work on me. She was older, like over 50 and she was Eastern European but insisted on working with someone "her skin tone" in broken-English. I'm like hell no! We're partners! You and I are "partners". Spring sensed the tension and reiterated to her that there was no switching and she was to work with me. I couldn't believe that ish; but, the chick did an ok job on my face. I wasn't overly elated when I saw the finished product cause I was still peed off at her ol' ______(fill in the blank).
Troubleshooting: Unlike traditional brush techniques, airbrushing equipment can malfunction when it has not been cleaned properly. It's best to disassemble the airbrush after every job and soak the components in alcohol. 
I was very pleased with the course because I believe that the instruction was worth more than the price that I paid. I'm loving the products and I can't wait to start airbrushing! I might even use it on my bride this weekend.  I would highly recommend this course because it's great for mua's/estheticians of all levels/backgrounds and it's very economical.

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