Beating Cancer And Finding Your Old Self Again

Saturday I had the lovely pleasure on working on a client who was a cancer survivor. Now, I would have never known her story until she mentioned that her eyebrows were a lil thin from her chemo treatments. I never asked what type of cancer she was battling
or what her challenges were. I politely told her "congratulations". My client was floored when I said it so effortlessly. I even saw tears come to her eyes. I proceeded to tell her that I didn't care what type of cancer she was battling because none of that mattered. All that mattered was the fact that she was here, sitting in my chair. She beat a powerful beast and my job was to help her regain a part of herself that was lost during the battle. I instructed her on techniques to fill-in her sparse eyebrows and recommended a technician to apply Lavish Lashes on her. Now this woman only brought 1 item from me and I did her entire face just because it made her feel like her old self again. I wasn't  pressed for a sale. Her gratitude was payment enough. To all the cancer sufferers/survivors/family members, keep fighting the battle.
Jamaya MooreComment