GET FOUND! The Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide for Beauty Pros

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GET FOUND! The Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide for Beauty Pros

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The Ultimate Guide to Internet Marketing for Beauty Pros

Are you a talented, educated, and experienced makeup artist, nail artist, or hair stylist who is still struggling to get noticed by clients?

Have you spent countless hours on your computer or phone wishing that a bride or makeover client would find and BOOK your services?

Or have you become frustrated with the slow pace of your business and need a surge to increase your clientele and income?

‘Get Found! The Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide for Beauty Pros,’ the new ebook written by Baltimore-based makeup artist, educator, and author, Jamaya Moore, explores five ways for you to become immediately accessible to your dream clients.

Of course, you could spend another $400 on learning how to perfect the latest trend in the beauty industry.

Or you could continue to wonder how other beauty professionals are becoming more prominent in their markets, small or large.

With ‘Get Found!’ Moore delves deeper to help you catapult your relationships with clients using tools found right at your fingertips.

Don't be confused on using Google or incorporating client help to get you found in the beauty industry ever again.

How Does Google Work?

“By knowing what keywords people use the most to to search for what you sell (or service you provide), and simply paying closer attention to integrating those words into your web content, you're using a digital marketing tactic.”

You’ve searched for the perfect lipstick to use on your favorite client. You've even purchased a domain name for the website you're building. Why not give clients the same opportunity to search for you as they would any other household name?

‘Get Found!’ instructs you on how to make Google more than just a random search engine. It will intentionally lead brides, corporations, and media personalities right to you based on using critical keywords to enhance your web presence.

Reviews are Gold.

“Positive online reviews can have the same power and replicate the effect of word of mouth referrals.”

‘Get Found!’ emphasizes the importance of the online client review as a way to increase your online presence. While you have been getting some clients, wouldn't it be better to gain more who have sought your services simply based on how well you've been reviewed by others? There is nothing better than meeting a client who already has a sense of confidence and comfort with your brand because other clients have positively and glowingly shared their previous experiences.

This ebook teaches you how to establish a relationship with clients that make it easy to ask for reviews and shares popular online sites where potential clients are often led.


People are Already Talking…



“Yes. Yes. Yes! Informative and interesting! I wanted to keep reading. Packed with knowledge!”


Jessica Kidd - Hairstylist, Entrepreneur, and Owner of ‘House of Bombshell.’


“This is PERFECT for all beauty professionals: makeup artists, hairstylists, etc. It’s an easy read and straight to the point. This is everything you need!”


Zarah Charm - Natural Hairstylist and Owner of ZC Loft.


“I can't tell you how many times I've been frustrated while searching for my brand online, wondering how to make people actually see me. This book shows me exactly how to strike a chord with potential clients which will increase my income as a makeup artist!”


Chimére L. Smith - Makeup Artist and Beauty Expert.


For a special limited time offer, you can finally connect with the people you've been trying to attract since you became a beauty professional - clients. ‘Get Found!’ challenges you to invest time in your brand to become more than just a website or online business. It'll make you a force in the beauty industry.

Purchase your copy of ‘Get Found! The Ultimate Internet Marketing Guide for Beauty Pros’ TODAY!

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