In every great story there is a climax: the oft-talked-about “point of no return”. This is the point in the story at which the protagonist can never go back to their previous position.

In the life of professional makeup artist Jamaya Moore, that moment occurred at a most obvious place for transformation—a photo shoot.

While accompanying a model friend to a shoot, Jamaya became enamored with the art of makeup. She had already begun to dread the monotony of corporate America; having been a financial analyst at two of the nation’s premier investment banks. Witnessing her friend go from pretty to stunning was just the spark she needed to fully ignite her entrepreneurial spirit.

That spark combined with her need as a Libra to inherently seek balance, resulted in the creation of Jamaya’s makeup artist pursuits.

Her experience includes work with Under Armour, MAC Cosmetics, Stila Cosmetics, Carol’s Daughter, PETA and Paul Mitchell Schools.